LIND SA Automation is the Southern African industry leader in offering turnkey automated cutting, CNC drilling machine and automated welding manipulation processes to steel mills, steel merchants and manufacturing entities used for the optimization of their manufacturing processes.

LIND SA Automation has its roots deeply set in the Southern African steel industry. We proudly boast with a team of experts having CNC cutting machine, welding automation experience and much valued and respected long term customer relationships dating back to the 1980’s.

Our focus remains on providing our customers with high quality products fitted with the world’s latest technology that is affordable, reliable, productive, safe to use with a full after sales service.

Despite our opposition claiming that they are the leading machine manufacturers , we have proven to be Industry leaders as follows:

  • We have successfully supplied and installed the only plasma cutting machine in South Africa fitted with a Hypertherm HPR 800 XD power source.
  • We have installed multiple machines running on a common rail up to 72 meters long.
  • We have successfully supplied and installed multiple purpose built machines (eg one machine fitted with 2 plasma heads and 6  triple bevel gas heads)  
  • We have successfully supplied and installed many machines to customers with a wide variety of applications from light industry to heavy industry.

LIND SA Automation is strategically centrally located in Jet Park to perform a full after sales service function to all its customers including consumable sales and planned machine maintenance.

LIND SA Automation currently specialises in the following fields of expertise:

CNC Cutting Automation

  • Laser – Hypertherm Fibre laser(Gantry type and Table type) and mini CO2 laser
  • Plasma – Hypertherm HPR XD and Hypertherm Powermax (Gantry type and Table type)
  • Bevel – plasma bevel with Hypertherm HPR XD and oxyfuel
  • Oxyfuel

CNC Drilling Automation

  • Table type (single spindle or multiple spindle)
  • Gantry type (single spindle or multiple spindle)

 Welding manipulation

  • Positioners / rotators
  • E.Z. arc systems
  • Headstock and tail stock
  • Turning rolls
  • Column and boom manipulators
  • Circumferential welders
  • Seam welders

Contact LIND SA Automation today if you would like to find out more about cutting automationdrilling automation or our welding manipulation machines and services. Call us on 0861 PLASMA or fill out the submission form on the left.

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